Create A DIY No-Sew Bag With An Old T-Shirt


Create A DIY No-Sew Bag With An Old T-Shirt

Erika Carter

In this video you will learn how to take an old t-shirt and turn into a trendy new handbag with a few simple steps. All you’ll need is an old t-shirt of your choice and a pair of scissors.

The first thing you’ll need to do is take the binding off of the bottom of the t-shirt. It doesn’t matter if the lines are straight, because you won’t be seeing them. Next, take the shirt and fold it in half, be sure to line up the two shoulder points and line up the sleeves as well. By doing this it’ll ensure that your bag does not come out lopsided. 

Then you’ll want to cut off the neck of your t-shirt. When you do this, it should be in a nice rounded shape. Next you’ll cut the sleeves off of your t-shirt in the same rounded shape that you cut the neck. Make sure you cut a bit away from the shoulder seam to get deeper handles. However, if you want higher handles, you can cut closer to the shoulder seam to achieve that style.

After you’ve finished cutting, your shirt should look like a tank top! Turn it inside out, grab the bottom binding that you cut off earlier and gather the bottom of your t-shirt into a bundle with the other hand. Take the binding and wrap it around the bottom of your shirt twice! Make sure to tie it each time and then knot it off. You will want to cut off the excess binding and then toss it aside because you will no longer be needing it. Now you can turn it back inside out and you’ve got yourself a brand new handbag!

Mix up this pattern with different colored shirts or maybe even different textures. The possibilities are endless!

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