No-Sew Braided Tank Top Is The Perfect Craft For Summer!

No-Sew Braided Tank Top Is The Perfect Craft For Summer!

Angela Markus

There are plenty of summer joys to be excited about. The skies become clearer, the days get longer, fruit tastes taste better, and clothes look cuter!

But while you’re enjoying your tan, munching on some watermelon and wearing those short-shorts, here’s a fun tip to keep in the back of your pocket for those lazy summer days. Get crafty with Handmania‘s No-Sew Braided tank top!



First, pick out one of those old cotton t-shirts you no longer use, and grab a pair of


Fold your t-shirt in half and draw a 2 inch line along the collar with chalk.


Next, mark 6 inches under the sleeve.



Then, connect and cut. This should remove the sleeves evenly. Next, remove the trimming along the neckline.


Draw three vertical lines from the top of the shirt, each 10 inches long. Then cut and stretch.





Finally, braid!



Once you’re done, pin the end to the rim of the collar.


In less than 5 minutes, you’ll have yourself one adorable summertime braided tank!



Watch the video below to see how she does it and of course, SHARE the love and pass it on!