Nutella Fans Rejoice! We Have The Perfect Cake For You

Nutella Fans Rejoice! We Have The Perfect Cake For You

Angela Markus

Nutella is quite addictive. You can put it on anything. Well, mostly anything! It lends itself to an enormous range of desserts and pastries. Nutella doughnuts and milkshakes are one thing, but there’s also Nutella crepes, Nutella brownies, tarts, and swirl cheesecake. This no-bake Nutella cheesecake will have a favorite at this year’s Christmas dinner.

With a how-to courtesy of Home Cooking Adventure’s YouTube channel, you will need the following to perfect this decadent snack. 12-ounce Oreos, 1 stick of melted unsalted butter, 26-ounce cream cheese, room temperature, 7 ounce whipping cream, cold, ½ cup Nutella, 2 teaspoon vanilla extract, and ½ cup powdered sugar.

In a food processor, throw in the Oreos and process so they are broken down into crumbs. Add the butter, and process some more until the butter is evenly incorporated. Remove the mixture from the processor and press into an 8-inch springform baking pan that has been greased. Refrigerate until the filling is prepared.

Next, prepare the filling. In a mixing bowl place the cream cheese powdered sugar, vanilla extract and mix well together. In another bowl, mix the cream until soft peaks form. Then, gradually fold the whipped cream into cream cheese mixture. Divide the mixture into two portions, and then fold Nutella in one-half of the mixture.

Place both mixtures into the prepared pan in two layers. First you will start with 3 large spoons of cream cheese mixture with space between them and then fill the gaps with 3 large spoons of Nutella mixture. Repeat for the second layer. Slam the springform pan on the countertop to spread the mixture.

Use a knife to create swirls on top and bottom, and refrigerate for 6 hours or overnight to set.

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