What Suddenly Popped Out of The Algae Made Everyone In The Room Do a Double Take

What Suddenly Popped Out of The Algae Made Everyone In The Room Do a Double Take

Kendall Conners

The octopus is a prehistoric-looking creature that’s been revered and feared by people for centuries. Hundreds of years ago, the octopus was referred to as the ‘eight legged sea monster’. Rumor had it, octopi were terrible creatures that tipped over boats and swallowed up humans in their giant tentacles. According to Hawaiian legends, they believed an octopus was actually a type of alien, the last remaining type that lives on Earth.

They are kind of creepy looking things, so I see where these urban legends and myths come from. But legends and myths they are. We know now that octopi aren’t horrific creatures or extra terrestrials, but we also know that they have some amazing powers of camouflage.

Camouflage is one of the most fascinating and important defense mechanisms an animal can have and the octopus is a master of it. They can seamlessly blend in with any surrounding, protecting them from predators.

This video is a clip of TED talk by David Gallo where they show the amazing camouflage capabilities of these sea creatures. It starts off with the host showing a video of an open coral bottom with just one algae plant in the middle. Then as the camera gets closer to the algae plant an octopus magically pops out and zooms away.

The commentator then shows the video in reverse to prove that no special effects were used – that’s how unreal it looks! He then goes on to explain how and why the octopus is camouflaging like it is.

This clip is unreal — I had no idea an octopus could blend in with their surroundings that well.

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