Hundreds Of Octopus Eggs Hatching Is A Tiny Miracle

Octopus Eggs Hatching

Hundreds Of Octopus Eggs Hatching Is A Tiny Miracle

Bethany Burrows

There are so many amazing and unexpected examples of mothers out in nature. Animals devote the same loving attention to their children as we do…sometimes even more!

One incredible example of motherhood comes from a creature you’d never expect…the octopus!

The female octopus gives birth to teardrop shaped eggs that she guards and protects with her life over a period ranging from 2 to 10 months.

During the gestation period of her eggs she keeps them safe from predators, creates a current to provide them with fresh oxygenated water and forsakes her own safety to make sure her babies live.

While guarding her babies she stops eating and devotes her entire life to their safety. Shortly after her eggs hatch, the octopus mom will pass away, leaving her babies to fend for themselves on the ocean floor. A true example of devotion and sacrifice.

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