An Octopus And A Shark Battle It Out. Who Will Be Victorious In The End?

An Octopus And A Shark Battle It Out. Who Will Be Victorious In The End?

Jamaica Bravo

Here at JumbleJoy, we’re fascinated by the deep sea and all that has yet to be discovered. They say that only 5 percent of the ocean has been discovered by scientists, leaving a whopping 95 percent of the deep blue sea one big mystery. What we do know, there are plenty of sea creatures that are capable of incredible things, like male sea horses giving birth to hundreds of offspring or orca whales having fun-loving, playful tendencies with human beings.

One of our favorite sea creatures is the octopus. Just when we think we can’t be anymore intrigued by the versatile ocean sucker, another video comes into our lives to take our fascination even further.

It looked like an ordinary day 20,000 leagues under the sea. A bright orange octopus lurked across the sandy floor searching for his mid-day meal. Suddenly, a shark swims above-head, minding his own business. Out of nowhere octopus’s limbs reach out and captures the shark in its grasp. At first the two wrestle together, but the shark is no match for this hungry octopus. Who knew the strength of an octopus could overpower a shark?

Soon enough the shark is pulled into the scope of the octopus’s mouth. As the octopus begins to consume the shark, the tentacles are firmly wrapped around its whole body to keep it contained.

Slowly but surely the octopus consumes its prey and it does so while moving through the deep blue ocean like the superior creature it is.

I didn’t know octopus were capable of this! Know anyone who wouldn’t believe this unless they saw it?

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