Octopuses Can Fit Anywhere- Including This TINY Clam Shell!

Octopuses Can Fit Anywhere- Including This TINY Clam Shell!

Genevieve Lopez

Ready or not, here he comes! This uniquely adorable Indonesian veined octopus has gone viral and earned the nickname “the Kleptopus” after his shell-stealing mission was caught on tape.

The creature’s mission to find the perfect shell may remind some of us of vain attempts to squeeze into the perfect swimsuit for beach season! The octopus tries out several shells, finding some to be too small, too cumbersome, or too awkward. Sounds familiar, right?

But he finally curls up in a perfectly chosen place, seemingly playing a sly game of hide-and-seek with a nearby diver.

This special breed of octopus has the unusual ability to “walk” on two tentacles making this hunt for the perfect shell all the more entertaining to witnesses. While it may seem like its goal is to find a delicious meal, this octopus is actually looking for the perfect materials to build a home with!

As the footage demonstrates, the veined octopus uses great strength and no shortage of determination whilst securing new hiding places and it has been reported that some of these creatures will drag a shell as far as 20 meters (or about 60 feet) to their ideal location where it can be used as their next hiding spot.

The veined octopus’ affinity for building shelters with found objects, like the shells seen in this clip, was first discovered by scientists in 2009 when they observed the cephalopods gathering coconut shells in the wild and squeezing themselves inside to use them as shelter.

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