It Looks Like A Small Room In The Middle Of The Street…But Just Wait Till You See What It REALLY Is!

It Looks Like A Small Room In The Middle Of The Street…But Just Wait Till You See What It REALLY Is!

Ashley Rego

With the whole tiny houses phenomena taking over the world, I’m not surprised that there’s a new, similar trend starting to gain popularity – office pods! These tiny cubes are changing the way people are looking at empty space. Have a bit of extra land in your backyard that’s just sitting there not being used? Why not throw in a pod and transform that useless area into your very own private office?

With their unique ability to be set up just about anywhere, inside or out, these pods offer people the opportunity to make better use of their real estate. Convert unused space into something incredible! From meeting rooms to practice space to basically anything you can think of, these pods are bound to start popping up all over!

Take this pod, for example. It may look like a strange, random box at first, taking up space in the middle of the sidewalk, but it actually has one very practical use.

This tiny pod is, in fact, a bank! Located in Vienna, this small venue doubles as a stylish ATM camouflaged against a grass wall, and an banking advice center when you step through the doors. Who knew?!


The BBC boasts a trendy looking pod, used for live radio interviews, located right in the middle of their public reception area.



Google’s offices in London have a tiny pod used for recording interviews…also located in their main reception area.



At Whittington Hospital in London, they created an isolated consultation room out of one of these pods, equipped with a comfy sofa and stylish desk.


Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London prefers to hold meetings in their cozy outdoor pod.


While students at the West London Grammar School encourage music practice in their miniature pod, located in the school’s quadrangle.


These pods are also the PERFECT option for any business person who needs a private office…even if it’s in your very own backyard!




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What do you think of these tiny pods? Pretty cool right?!

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