Sarasota Officer Caught on Camera Tossing Peanuts at Inmate

Sarasota Officer Caught on Camera Tossing Peanuts at Inmate

Angela Markus

As if police officers haven’t created enough controversy in the media already, another video has recently emerged displaying some questionable practices by a Florida police officer.

With the recent Sandra Bland incident in Texas, one would think that police officers would execute caution as they protect and serve. That does not seem to be in this case…

In a Sarasota County jail, this police officer is seen throwing peanuts into the mouth of a homeless detained, man. According to local reports, the video quickly prompted an investigation into the incident.

There is no audio for the video, but we can see the policeman walk up to the handcuffed man and throw peanuts in his mouth. As three police officers and another detainee look on, we see the hungry homeless man open his mouth to catch the peanuts.

Miller is then seen on the video kneeling to pick up the peanuts that fell to the floor. Furthermore, Halpin thought it would be a good idea to go over and kick the out-of-reach peanuts closer to the detainee.

Sarasota Police Chief Bernadette DiPino told the Herald-Tribune that officer Halpin has been suspended following his actions caught on video. She continued that after seeing the video, she immediately initiated an internal investigation, and was disappointed in what was observed in the video. Halpin was placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.

With all of the recent actions caught on tape by police officers, it encourages you to wonder how many of these acts have been swept under the rug because of lack of video.

What do you think of the police officer’s actions? How do you think he should be punished?

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