Officers Pulls Over Dad and Buys Him Car Seats

Officers Pulls Over Dad and Buys Him Car Seats

Angela Markus

It is common knowledge that car seats are required for children’s safety in vehicles. The reason being they reduce the number of child passengers killed or injured in motor vehicle crashes. So when police officers pull over vehicles with children not properly secured in car seats, needless to say, citations are issued.

When Cedar Park, Texas police officer Justin Gower pulled over a driver, he quickly noticed three small children, ages 1, 3, and 4, sitting in the back and not in car seats. Instead of issuing three citations and fines, he and his partners decided it was better to help than to make the situation worse.

The police officers were familiar with the dad and his financial struggles. They knew that tickets would only send the family deeper in financial woes. So they decided to come together with other police officers and purchase three new car seats for the family.

The unidentified man thanked the officers, telling the local reporter that the “officers were a blessing.”

Because there is a barrage of stories that focus on the negative incidents related to police officers, showing such unbelievable acts of kindness may seem few and far in between. But there is a surprising reality. Acts like this one performed by officers like Gower and his peers occur every single day.

Those acts should never go unacknowledged.

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