This Home From The 1940s Has Remained Untouched For 70 Years, Until Now

This Home From The 1940s Has Remained Untouched For 70 Years, Until Now

Kendall Conners

Homes are so much more than just structural buildings that we reside in. They become a part of us, a place where hang our hat, raise our kids and go through major life experiences. So much so that we may never want to leave!

While many of us fall in love with homes so much we feel like we never want to leave, but do end up moving on at one point or another. But the case was a little different for Jack and Audrey Newton, siblings living on a farm in England.

These siblings stayed in their childhood home since the early 1940s — neither of them ever got married or moved out. Not only that, they lived a life without technology, refusing to be a part of any sort of new advancements.

They were basically living in a time capsule from the 1940s and their lives were very private and mysterious. After Jack and Audrey passed away the home and its contents went up for auction. Inside, they found more than 500 items stuck in time, as if it was still 1940.

This is the Grange Farm in England where Jack and Audrey spent their whole lives.


Everything about the home has remained completely untouched throughout all these years.


The two siblings — Jack (left) and Audrey (right) spent their whole professional careers as farmers.


They led very private lives and rarely left the farm.


After the siblings passed, they found everything inside the home had remained intact from the 1940s. From the cooking supplies…


To games they used to play to entertain themselves — an old checkers board, deck of cards and dominoes.


Auctioneers also found quite the jewelry collection, the siblings would keep jewelry from their youth and leave it out for show. Here are some of Jack’s cufflinks.


And here is part of Audrey’s beautiful collection of jewelry.


The siblings left no close relatives behind after they passed, Audrey in 2011 and Jack this past March. So, everything in the house is up for sale  — including that sweet drum set.


This isn’t any small farm house either, the house is equipped with nine bedrooms.


Jack and Audrey weren’t shoppers, they did everything themselves, they even sewed their own clothes.


They also didn’t have a refrigerator so they used more traditional, old-school ways of keeping food cool, according to Wimp.


They were also avid music fans! They found albums and sheet music dating back 70 years.


Here’s the cute backdoor entrance to the farm.


Which leads to the backyard of the farm house that has two outhouses.


To learn more about this crazy farmhouse watch the video below! What do you think of this siblings’ untouched home? I find it beyond fascinating!

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