“Elderly” Couple Performs An Incredible Dance Routine

“Elderly” Couple Performs An Incredible Dance Routine

Angela Markus

There’s no way around it. One day we will all reach our golden ages. We can only hope that when we hit those years, we have someone there with us. Urban Dance Camp teachers, Keone and Mariel Madrid, may not actually be as old as they appear in this video, but they do have moves. The couple released yet another choreographic storytelling display.

The couple dances to Bob Marley’s “Is this Love” in a spectacular routine that has gone viral. Keone and Mari’s popularity surged when footage of them teaching together was posted on Movement Lifestyle’s YouTube channel.

In May 2010, they conceptualized, choreographed and professionally shot their first video, “Smooth Operator.” The zoomed-out camera allows viewers a chance to absorb the whole picture as they would during a stage production—Keone and Mari passing a single rose back and forth as they alternate between intricate footwork and seductive slow dancing.

Since that video, they have shot to fame and have even been featured in Justin Beiber’s “Love Yourself,” video. The wild success of the video was partly fueled by the dancers themselves, who also choreographed the piece and had been longtime favorites in the hip-hop dance community. Now they are back with this spectacular performance as an older couple who are clearly still in love.


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