The $1 Million Foldable Apartment Will Amaze You

The $1 Million Foldable Apartment Will Amaze You

Angela Markus

The asking price of this foldable apartment is $1 million dollars, but when you see the features, you won’t be asking why. The cost of living in Manhattan, New York is extremely high when compared to other parts of the country, and what makes it worse is the living space is almost always tiny. Just like this airy apartment– it is 420 square feet large. But you’d never guess it can accommodate a 12-person dinner party and sleep two overnight guests without a problem. The minimalist space is cleverly designed as a foldable studio that is easily shifted and rearranged.

At $2,369 per square foot, every inch of usable space is superbly valuable. An expandable dinner table and a foldable murphy bed help keep the studio clear and tidy. Also, it features an ingenious solution to break up the room and create small areas that have their own purposes such as an office, dining area and even a theater.

The architects installed a moveable wall that slides along tracks in the floor that can be used as a pop-up bedroom. But what about privacy you ask? There are curtains that line the entranceways to block out light and allow for peace and quiet.

Owner Graham Hill spent $287,000 on the apartment and paid another $365,000 to build what you see here according to the New York Daily News. He’s not a designer, but instead, hosted a competition for architects to transform the space. The winners, Romanian students Catalin Sandu and Adrian Iancu, won the bid over 300 other submissions to transform the coveted spot. The architects created a space that is as functional as an apartment twice its size.

Would you buy this apartment for $1 million? 

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