Cure Your Ailments With Onions? Who Knew?!

Cure Your Ailments With Onions? Who Knew?!

Angela Markus

The onion is an important component in most recipes because of the flavor it brings, but I bet you did not know that this cooking essential has healing powers!

The notion that an onion attracts bacteria has been around for centuries and now, thanks to the Internet, this theory is being proved by many.

Apparently the soles of our feet are access points to the internal organs in our bodies. Meridians, as they are called, are pathways to those organs. Although some might disagree with that theory, Riley’s mother might be a believer.

Riley’s mom decided to try the homeopathic remedy and found it to be true for her little munchkin. The little girl was clearly sick with a temperature and a headache when her mom decided to slice an onion and place a couple of pieces in her socks.

After an hour her fever did not improve and later on that night, the mom noticed that her daughter was sweating profusely. The next morning she was surprised to see that her little girl was feeling much better.

One believer in the onion method is Dr. Lauren Feder. She is a Los Angeles-based homeopathic doctor, and author of the book Natural Pregnancy. She says, “For colds, an onion pouch in [a] room can help with congestion. In addition to treating colds, onion socks can be used for ear aches, teething, and bladder infections.”

The next time you or a loved one comes down with the flu, do what Riley’s mom did and let us know if it helped you.

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