Woman Declines A Date To A Stranger, Then Realizes He Is Charged With Murder

Online Dating Nightmare

Woman Declines A Date To A Stranger, Then Realizes He Is Charged With Murder

Sophia Gioiello

Our constantly connected world has led to the increase of online dating websites and phone applications that give you potential matches at – quite literally – the push of a button. With these new dating opportunities come many positives and negatives.

Whatever your opinion about online dating may be, there is one argument that remains the same. The importance of being proactive for your safety is imperative!

If you or your friends have participated in online dating, you know there are plenty of stories – from mindless mingling, to over-the-top compliments that would make anyone blush, to the absolutely frightening. The story below may seem as if it were written for a movie script, but one girl’s encounter online can serve as a reminder to us all (and even our children) about the safety precautions you must take while engaging on any online dating platform.

One of the more popular online dating applications, Tinder, is known for some of the most hilarious ‘Tinder Nightmares’, which usually feature downright ridiculous comments and conversations, but this nightmare ended a little differently.

A young girl began conversing with a man named Min Nguyen in November 2014, who seemed nice, good looking and pretty average.


She noticed he was in her area and decided to reach out to him in hopes of learning more about her potential match. The conversation seemed typical, and harmless, from the beginning. Her busy life got in the way, and she was unable to meet up with Minh. She continued on with her day-to-day routine and forgot about the possibilities with Minh.


It wasn’t until January of this year that she encountered this familiar face again. Much to her dismay, it wasn’t on another dating website or at her local hangout spot. Instead, she found herself staring at his mugshot on the nightly news.


Minh was charged with the murder of his ex-wife’s current husband and police found a frightening list of weapons in his home. According to officials, they found guns, several swords and knives, a taser, axes, three compound bows and four crossbows. This is one man you hope to never upset.

The woman felt incredibly lucky to pass up on a date with this dangerously violent man. While many believe online dating is simply a fad, it’s vital that we share this story to express the importance of being safe on any online dating website.

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