Use These Tips Next Time You’re Stuck Opening a Hard-To-Open Item

Use These Tips Next Time You’re Stuck Opening a Hard-To-Open Item

Angela Markus

Everyone has their favorite method for opening that stubborn lid or other items for that matter, but the folks at BuzzFeed have a great selection of tips that’ll get any intractable item open if your favorite method doesn’t work.

If you are in need of a pair of scissors, and it comes in one of those plastic packages that is sure to bruise your hand, use a can opener. We love pistachios. They taste great and are healthy too, but there are some that seem unwilling to come out of the shell. The solution is a pistachio itself. Just use the shell of an opened pistachio to pry open to those nuts that seemed sealed shut.

Chefs know the importance of the flavor of garlic and how hard they are to peel. Take a head of garlic, and give it a few smacks with a bowl. Watch some of the layers fall off, and then place it in the bowl with another bowl covering it. Give it a vigorous shake for 20 seconds and your garlic will be peeled.

The solution for a tight jar, simply tap it on a hard surface several time and place a rubber on the lid for a better grip. That is all you need to do to crack this seal. Equally annoying is a nail polish bottle. To open that stubborn bottle, you will need nail polish remover and cotton swabs. Drench a cotton swab with nail polish remover and pass it around the cover of the nail polish.

These hacks are lifesavers, and if you agree…

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