10 Incredible Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind!

10 Incredible Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind!

Jamaica Bravo

As we grow older, we are often told that our vision is not going to be like when we were young. However, there are many images throughout that are not as they appear.

This mind boggling video focuses on optical illusions that everyone probably has encountered once in their lifetime before. Many of the illusions demonstrate the power of colors, backgrounds, or overall distractions.

The first illusion is a photo illusion, where we stare at the center of the photo for 30 seconds. The incredible aspect is when after the 30 seconds pass, the natural colors of the photo are revealed only to disappear once we blink. Once we blink it goes into a grey scale. The aspect is that we overworked code cell receptors in our eyes, and the conflict codes reveal opposing colors. For example, magenta becomes green or green becomes magenta. How cool is that?!

Another illusion is called the Spinning Dancer. Some individuals will see the two dancers spinning clockwise and others will see them dancing counterclockwise. It all goes to show since there is no other color but black, there is no depth or visual cues and our eyes are left to interpret movement at different times

There are many illusions that affect our eye or visual neurons, where we can notice stationary objects or straight alignments of objects. Truth of the matter is, anything is possible like backgrounds, light, or colors can confuse our visual or eye neurons as well as our brains to misinterpret what is the actual vision.

When one sees an object, photo or a labeled illusion, lets take a look at it twice and question if what we are seeing is actually reality.

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