Learn How To Make an Orange Juice Slushie With Just Ice and Salt!

Learn How To Make an Orange Juice Slushie With Just Ice and Salt!

Kendall Conners

Did you know you can make healthy orange juice slushies that are great for kids and perfect for those wanting more than just empty calories? This delicious treat is possible and takes less than 10 minutes to make!

It is a perfect chance for some learning mixed with a tasty treat for the kids at home bored this summer! Or a nice refreshing treat for yourself after a long day of laying out in the sun.

All you’ll need is a zip lock sandwich size bag, a gallon zip lock bag, ice, salt, orange juice and a towel. To make this healthy summer snack, you pour some orange juice into the sandwich bag. Make sure to get out all the air before sealing.

Next, place the bag of orange juice inside the gallon bag. Finally, pack ice around the juice bag, add salt and seal. By adding the salt, the temperature of the ice gets colder. The ice will begin to melt, but don’t worry, it’s still getting colder.

Now this is where you will need the towel. If you are using a towel, simply wrap the bag in the towel to keep your hands from getting too cold. Shake the bag for at least five minutes. Open the large bag to check if the orange juice has become slushy.

If not continue shaking for up to five more minutes. When the orange juice is slushy, remove the small bag and wipe off any salt and water that may be on it still. Scoop the slushy into a bowl, grab a spoon, and enjoy.

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