Orangutan Wants To See The Human Baby And It’s Adorable!

Orangutan Wants To See The Human Baby And It’s Adorable!

Jamaica Bravo

It’s no wonder why the Malay word orangutan means “person of the forest.” These long-haired primates, found only in Sumatra and Borneo, are extremely intelligent and very close relatives of humans. But it’s a recent incident that happened at a local zoo that proves just how personable these animals really are.

It was a family zoo trip that went from great to absolutely memorable when one brave mother decided to show off her newborn baby to a curious orangutan. With her baby bundled up close to her chest, she leans against the glass that divides her inches away from a momma orangutan. The orangutan becomes utterly excited and leans in for a closer look. The moment she sees the tiny human beneath it’s wrap, she begins to coo at it, pointing and smiling.

In the wild, orangutans are affectionate mothers, having their babies by their side until they reach the age of 10. Even once they gain their independence, female orangutans will often come back to visit their mothers until they have children of their own.

This incredible moment between a human mother and an orangutan mother is absolutely precious and one we will never forget.

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