Watch This Clever Orangutan Build A Hammock For Her Nap

Watch This Clever Orangutan Build A Hammock For Her Nap

Angela Markus

It may come as a surprise to many humans, but we are not the only intelligent species inhabiting this planet. Intelligence as we understand it is predominantly a social attribute. In other words, intelligence is developed. Even though orangutans are semi-solitary, they develop different forms of social contact at different stages of their lives. Over the years, these animals have amazed the international scientific community with their impressive, human-like mental abilities that allow them to adapt to their environment and learn new life skills. 

The video comes from Animal Cognition, a non-profit organization that attempts to “investigate the mental capacities of animals.” Meet Nemo! She is a 14-year-old orangutan who just wants to take a nap. Instead of sleeping on the concrete floor, she builds a hammock on the upper bars of her enclosure.

At first, Nemo ties the blanket but is not satisfied with the comfort level, so she adjusts one of the knots on another bar before she gets into the hammock and attempts to find a comfortable spot.

According to, orangutans have been known to saw wood, hammer nails, comb hair, and anoint the body with insect repellent. I personally think making a hammock is nothing short of genius.

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