Orangutan’s Are Capable Of Brilliant Things… Including Magic!

Orangutan’s Are Capable Of Brilliant Things… Including Magic!

Jamaica Bravo

Laughter is the best medicine. Everywhere we look online we see funny videos that make us laugh and brighten our day. This video is no different.

For years, animals have been a great source of comfort, laughter and joy to humans.

Studies have shown that orangutans are extremely intelligent creatures with the ability to reason and think. Much like a mother raising her child, working and training animals takes great patience, devotion, reward and discipline.

In watching this video the viewer could possibly be taken back to the old television program “Every Which Way But Loose”, a delightful comedy starring Clint Eastwood as Philo Beddoe with his orangutan “Clyde”.

Ever the life of the party, from the beginning of this video, this cute and clever orangutan steals the show with its funny antics. The show starts with the magician asking for a handshake and the orangutan gives him her foot. Next comes a kiss. To our magician’s frustration, our cute little friend then steals his handkerchief.

The best scene is the disappearing orange trick. The crowd applauds the magician as he makes the orange disappear. Or did he? It’s apparent by the look on the orangutan’s face that she knows the secret to the trick. In the next trick the magician makes the orange magically reappear on his friend’s nose.

“One more time,” the magician says, as he counts 1, 2 and the orangutan takes the orange, sticks in in her mouth, then pulls it out again and is almost caught, before she can close her mouth.

The crowd laughs and you will too, as she takes the orange out of her mouth and sticks it under her arm.

After watching this, you’ll wonder if the orangutan is actually the trainer, and not the other way around.

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