Try Not To Run In Terror As A Gigantic Spider Crawls All Over A Woman’s Face

Try Not To Run In Terror As A Gigantic Spider Crawls All Over A Woman’s Face

Erika Carter

Spiders…excuse me while I shudder and uncomfortably check over my shoulder to check if one has fallen off the ceiling and land on me. They are creepy, crawly insects that live in the bowels of your home and lurk in every nook and cranny. Sure, they’re mostly harmless, but the way they move and act is so unsettling that it’s impossible to fathom that anyone could keep them as a pet.

That’s where Lisa Donovan has us all beat. She not only keeps a spider as her pet, but she lets this gigantic eight-legger crawl all over her face as if it was some sort of mini house cat. I can’t. Oh my, I can’t.

Lisa is the proud owner of a large orb spider, one of the most common spiders in the world. You will often see them spinning webs outside of your windows or maybe back behind some boxes in your basement. Truth be told, they’re not poisonous at all, but they still look like something you would not want to encounter while shuffling around furniture.

The look on Lisa’s face as her spider crawls all over her is so comfortable. She even looks like she’s enjoying it. This is part of a new craze where people keep spiders as pets. I’m not talking about keeping them in tanks, either. They let them roam around on countertops and tables, and yes, their faces.

Orb spiders are actually very useful around the house. They keep gnats and flies away and can even keep smaller rodents in check. So, maybe Lisa’s just ahead of the game.

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