Couple Gets A Close Encounter With Tons Of Killer Whales!

Killer Whales

Couple Gets A Close Encounter With Tons Of Killer Whales!

Erika Carter

Husband and wife, Rich and Laura Howard have an obvious and deep passion for all kind of aquatic life and the ocean, so it’s only fitting that this happened to them.

They were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to La Paz, Mexico to go diving. While on their trip they experienced something so amazing they’ll never forget it!

In the beginning of the dive, the couple can be seen interacting with some adorable sea lions. They explain that early on during their dive, their instructor began to motion them out of the water. Once out of the water, it became obvious why their dive had to be interrupted. The huge dorsal fins of several whales were visible coming up out of the water.

The couple was excited about seeing whales, but was not expecting to see Killer Whales. “It’s going to be a Humpback…a Spermwhale, something we’ll see from a distance.” said Laura. But they were wrong! A pod of about 20 killer whales came straight to their boat and gave them the footage and memory of a lifetime.

Luckily, Laura was able to capture amazing footage of the encounter on camera! The whales jump alongside the boat, playing and jumping in the wake of the speeding boat. Richard remarks that the whales were only 6-8 inches away from the back of the boat. Wow! “Every time they’d come up for a breath of air, they would spray you.” he remarks.

The whales can be seen having fun in the water, jumping and diving.

The playful whales stuck around for about an hour. What a perfect anniversary gift for two ocean lovers.

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