DIY Patriotic Oreo Pops

Oreo Pops

DIY Patriotic Oreo Pops

Bethany Burrows

What could be better than satisfying a sweet tooth with a patriotic treat? These simple four ingredient Oreo cookie pops are easy and a great addition to any Fourth of July gathering.

What you will need is Oreo cookies, white chocolate melts, lollipop sticks and sprinkles of your choice.

The first thing you will do is take the white chocolate disks in a microwave safe bowl and heat for 30 seconds. After you heat the chocolate melts for 30 seconds stir and then microwave for an additional ten seconds and stir. Continue to heat for ten seconds increments until the chocolate is smooth and creamy.

Once you have the white chocolate to the smooth consistency, dip one inch of the lollipop stick into the chocolate. Take apart the Oreo and place the stick on one side of the Oreo with the cream. Then place the other cookie back on. This will ensure the cookie and chocolate stay together to make the perfect pop.

Once you have the cookie pop created, you can dip the whole cookie into the chocolate. You will want to let it set and harden and then dip again. You can dip the cookies as many times as you want to form a nice chocolate coating. The last time you dip the cookies, you will want to add the sprinkles and toppings of your choice. This is the chance for you to become a creative genius. Red, white, and blue sprinkles are a great patriotic touch.

You can use any type of sprinkle or cake decoration to decorate your delicious treats for a birthday, holiday, or any day treat a little more special. Add nuts or coconut for an added flare. These are so simple and fun to make you can have the kids help also. And remember please SHARE the love and pass it on!