Organize a Pantry That Looks AMAZING With These Tips!

Organize a Pantry That Looks AMAZING With These Tips!

Erika Carter

When it comes to our pantries, the majority of us are pretty embarrassed about what they look like. Keeping a clean house is hard enough, but keeping clean cabinets? How do people have time for that? Seriously. That is not a rhetorical question, if you know, please tell me your ways.

One of the moms behind the insanely popular YouTube channel, WhatsUpMoms, decided to do something brave: she showed her messy, dirty pantry to thousands of viewers. YouTube stars, they’re just like us! But really, it’s evident that everyone has trouble keeping pantries and kitchen cabinets clean.

Lucky for us, the video doesn’t just show a messy pantry and allow us all to commiserate together, it actually shows a very clean “after” — and tells us how we, too, can clean out our pantries.

The most important thing when cleaning out your space is to empty it completely so that you can see what you have. Then you want to group like items so that when it comes to arranging your foot and paper goods, the spacing actually makes sense. It’s suggested to get baskets for things like snacks and bakeware and then to put items like pasta, rice, and cereal, into clear plastic or glass containers. This provides organization, but it also makes it pretty!

After watching the video, the task doesn’t look too daunting, so maybe I’ll add that to my weekend’s to-do list. Wish me luck!

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