The Outside Of This Trailer Is Rusty And Old. But The Inside? WOW!

The Outside Of This Trailer Is Rusty And Old. But The Inside? WOW!

Sophia Gioiello

Most husbands stick to the standard surprises when it comes to gifts for their wives. But this Seattle-based husband decided to change things up and surprise his wife, Tiffany, with an old, rusty trailer. Now I know what most of you are thinking, “Why would anyone want that?” But Tiffany knew exactly what to do!

With lots of support from her loving husband and daughters, Tiffany transforms this simple trailer into the cutest home on wheels. The cozy trailer just needed some extra care to make it the perfect living space!


Tiffany’s first step to transform this vintage trailer was to add a pop of color! She says her little trailer just needed her “happy color!”


Every detail of the trailer’s transformation was carefully thought out! She admits she may have been a little “obsessed” with her new project, but wait till you see the inside!wm-audree_11-682x1024

The inside of this tiny home on wheels is a girl’s dream come true. The bright colors add flare and personality! wm-audree_27-1024x682


Tiffany wanted a spot to highlight all of her favorite moments with her friends and family, and this homemade bulletin board is the perfect addition!


Never too many accessories! Just look at that fancy rug! wm-audree_23-682x1024

She says she’s ecstatic with the final product of her makeover, and we couldn’t agree more!


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