Over 30 Dolphins Get Saved After Washing Ashore

Over 30 Dolphins Get Saved After Washing Ashore

Angela Markus

It was the perfect day to go to the beach. The sun was out, the weather was warm and everyone and their neighbors were eager to jump into the cool, crisp waters. But what made this beach day even better, was the extremely rare event that happened midday.

Gerd Traue was at the beach with his family when he noticed something peculiar that made him reach for his camera. While bathers were soaking up the sun and surfers were catching waves, dozens of dolphins began washing ashore. It’s a sight that only few people have seen, but a marvelous one indeed. Full grown dolphins scattered along the shores, tossing and turning, flapping their fins in discomfort. Dozens of dolphins had beached themselves right in the middle of these beach-goers’ vacation.

Many gathered to watch in awe, while others spring to their rescue. Had it not been for the brave people who took action, these dolphins would have never spent another day in the deep blue sea again.

They say dolphins are some of the smartest animals, but there’s no telling why they beach themselves. Experts say it could be a combination of many factors. Some say high temperatures are affecting animals’ reproductive cycles, hibernation patterns and more. Others say climate cycles alter the course of their fish and other prey.

Whatever the reason may be, there’s one thing for sure, this rare event is truly an amazing sight to experience. Thank goodness for their rescue!

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