Paige Yore’s Experience With a Heartbroken Man at Walmart Will Move You To Tears

Paige Yore’s Experience With a Heartbroken Man at Walmart Will Move You To Tears

Angela Markus

A Colorado woman named Paige Yore has shared a heartbreaking but truthful post about her recent visit to a Walmart store. The meaningful life lesson is one many overlook on a regular basis.

Yore’s visit to the superstore was like any other until she reached the checkout line.  There was a young male cashier who seemed to be having a terrible day. According to Yore, he was so visibly upset, he was unable to ring up items and remember item codes. She also recalled him taking deep breaths to calm himself repeatedly. From the looks of his body language, Paige immediately speculated something was wrong. But, unfortunately for him, the woman ahead of Paige wasn’t sympathetic in the least.

In fact, she made things worse for the distraught cashier. Yore recalls how irate the customer was hurling numerous insults at the young cashier, so, to hasten the escalating situation between the cashier and the customer, Yore stepped up and offered to help bag the customer items.

Things got worse before the customer left, however, and that caused Yore to intervene yet again. It was then, the young man broke down and admitted why he was having such bad day. According to Yore, the young man’s mother had committed suicide earlier that morning. To make matters worse, he couldn’t take time off to grieve because he had to work because of financial obligations.

Yore revealed the irate customer was completely humiliated for demeaning the grieving young man. But she, herself, learned a significant life lesson as a result of the woman’s rude actions.

“That really just shows me that no matter what… don’t jump down their throat because they are fighting a battle that none of us know about. We just have to be thankful to be alive, and treat people like you want to be treated. Don’t lay into somebody like that because you never know what’s going on in their life.”

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