Explore Palawan’s Unbelievable Beauty With This Surreal Footage


Explore Palawan’s Unbelievable Beauty With This Surreal Footage

Ashley Rego

White, velvety sand trickling between your toes, clear blue waters glistening in the sunlight, and cascading lush palm trees blowing with the invigoratingly warm breeze – sounds like a flawless slice out of heaven’s picture-perfect pie, right?

Well lucky for us, this piece of serene paradise is within closer reach than we think. Tucked away in the southwest region of the Philippines, the Province of Palawan sits hidden in untouched perfection for our gazing eyes to bare down on. 

Follow the aerial journey presented in the video below as we witness a bird’s eye view of the island’s pristine waters, secluded beaches and pure, unadulterated beauty.

This concealed gem won’t stay secret for very long as Palawan was recently named, “The Top Island in the World” by Conde Nast Traveler’s Reader Choice Awards.

After watching this breathtaking video of nature’s undeniable splendor, I’ve already got my bags packed and flights ready to be booked!

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