Adorable Panda Defies His Handlers

Adorable Panda Defies His Handlers

Angela Markus

There is a reason why videos with animals almost always go viral. I mean, who can deny those cute fluffy, adorable creatures, especially when they are being impishly funny?! This hilarious moment shows an adorable panda determined to defy his handlers and have a little fun in the process.

The footage captured at Japan’s Adventure World Park shows the panda rolling around the grass of his enclosure. Wishing to be left to his own devices, he tumbles down a steep slope into a ditch, despite the best efforts of the zookeepers dressed in equally funny panda hats.

The playful panda heads towards the ditch as the two zookeepers try to keep him on the grassy enclosure, but fail. He manages to evade their clutches and slip down the bank and into the ditch below. After waddling his way around, he then tries to clamber up the slope. He is given a helping hand by one of the workers.

The panda reaches the edge of the enclosure, but then falls down the slope once again where it sits in a disgruntled ball. How cute is that?

On the third attempt, the zoo keeper pulls the gorgeous black and white animal out of the ditch and back onto the grassy enclosure where it contently trots off and out of sight. Third time’s a charm!

The park currently houses seven pandas, the most in Japan.

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