She Glues Crumbled Old Paper Bags To Her Floor. The End Result? Unbelievably Stunning!

She Glues Crumbled Old Paper Bags To Her Floor. The End Result? Unbelievably Stunning!

Angela Markus

If you are tired looking at the same old floors, here is an inventive idea for you. When you think of brown paper bags, you might think of lunch for the kids, you probably never thought about them in this light. You do not have to choose the expensive materials, try this easy to clean and durable option. Domestic Imperfection‘s Ashley used this technique, with the help of her little one, to create a fabulous floor that is nicely rich of color.

You will need brown paper. Ashley used a roll of builder’s paper from the Home Depot, a gallon of Elmer’s glue, wood stain for a custom color (optional), and an agent to seal the floors. Ashley doesn’t recommend polyurethane. You might also need a sander for any scratches, and filler to seal up any holes from carpet tacks.

The first step involves removing the molding. Next, she rips the paper into sections. You can also use old paper bags without print, and crumpling the paper produces a leather-like texture that so fancy.



She then soaked the pieces of paper with glue and laid them out so that they overlapped. Although the process is time-consuming, it is surely worth every minute of it. To enhance the richness of the color, stain using regular wood stain.




After some trial and error with polyurethane, another stain completed the masterpiece. This floor looks amazingly lavish!





At first glance, your guests won’t even tell what your awesome floor is made from. Beautiful!

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