Paramedic Receives A Shocking Surprise

Paramedic Receives A Shocking Surprise

Angela Markus

Recently, we have seen an array of videos showing firefighters proposing to their lovely ladies. I especially liked the firefighter who proposed to his teacher girlfriend in her classroom! However, I think I just found my new favorite. Paramedic Emily McKenzie responded to what she thought was a late call in early October, but was instead surprised by her boyfriend, firefighter-paramedic Nik Raw.

McKenzie was about to end her shift when she was dispatched to a medical emergency, but it wasn’t quite what she expected. “It wouldn’t be a Friday without a late call,” McKenzie is heard saying en route to what she thought was a medical emergency. McKenzie is an REMSA paramedic while her boyfriend, Raw, is a Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District firefighter-paramedic.

When the paramedic arrives on the scene, she sees a group of firefighters working on what appears to be a man on the floor of a country club. The body camera that was attached to her uniform allowed us to get a close and personal view of the entire event.

When McKenzie gets down on her knees to get to work, she is greeted by Raw! He pulls her up and gets down on one knee. His proposal is meet with an emotional “yes” from the bride-to-be. Her friends and family were all present for the special surprise.

Oh, and the man on the floor was just a mannequin! Pretty creative!

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