Amazing Paramedic Shows Up At A Crash While Wearing Her Wedding Dress

Amazing Paramedic Shows Up At A Crash While Wearing Her Wedding Dress

Angela Markus

There is nothing that can come between some people and their family. For this woman, not even her own wedding reception. Sarah Ray’s wedding day took a very unexpected turn after her grandmother’s car collided with another on the way to her reception.

Ray, a paramedic, rushed to the scene, hiked up her wedding dress and climbed aboard the ambulance to see what she could do. After all, it is her job.

Even though the heroine photo of the new bride holding up her wedding dress leaving the scene has gone viral, Ray doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about.

The crash happened just a mile or two from the church where Ray got married. Her grandparents and father left in one car. Ray’s mother, who is a professional photographer, and her husband, a paramedic, were with her when the call came that her grandmother was in a wreck.

Once there, she boarded the ambulance to find that her grandmother had some bruising caused by the airbags but was not seriously injured. Although the paramedics on scene had the situation under control, Ray offered the kind of comfort only family can.

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The now famous photo was taken by Ray’s mother, Marcy Martin, who says the picture is one of her favorites. “It was just about the contrast, the beauty of her and then the chaos in the background,” she says.

Just another day on the job, wedding and all.

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