Parents Face Charges After Leaving Kids In Car At A Luke Bryan Concert

Parents Face Charges After Leaving Kids In Car At A Luke Bryan Concert

Angela Markus

Being a parent is one of the most important jobs in the world. The duty of caring for your child or children until they reach an independent age comes with tremendous responsibility. Unfortunately, some fall short with their reckless decisions. Take Courtney Blakley and Keil Sheppard, for instance. This couple left their two children, ages 9 and 11, in a car while they went to a Luke Bryan concert.

Authorities say that fans who were heading to the concert in West Palm Beach, Florida spotted the kids sitting alone in a running vehicle. The concert goers then alerted the police to the situation.

The police used the children’s cellphone to call their father, Sheppard. The father told the cops that he left the children in the car alone about 45 minutes prior.

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When he returned to the vehicle with his fiance, Blakley, police arrested them after they admitted to driving more than 100 miles from New Port Richie to attend the country star’s concert. They also admitted that it was probably not the best idea to do so since they didn’t have a babysitter to watch the children, according to local reports.

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Both Blakley and Sheppard are facing child neglect charges, and rightfully so.

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