Their Sons Tried To Murder Them. Now, They’re Speaking Out For The First Time Since The Attack…

Their Sons Tried To Murder Them. Now, They’re Speaking Out For The First Time Since The Attack…

Angela Markus

The healing power of forgiveness is the key to peace, health and happiness. The mass public deem certain people “unworthy” of forgiveness such as murderers, rapists, ex-spouses, parents, bad children, and the like. 

No person is innately bad. What they have are deep, unhealed wounds, but so do the rest of us. At least that’s what these two forgiving people believe. For one Georgia couple, they have forgiven their two sons accused of brutally beating and trying to suffocate them at their home in suburban Atlanta.

Speaking outside Gwinnett County Courthouse in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Yvonne and Zachery Ervin told the television news station that they “hold no grudges against” their sons, Cameron Ervin, 17, and Christopher Ervin, 22, who allegedly confessed to the attacks.

Police say the brothers allegedly stabbed their father and tried to suffocate both parents with a plastic bag during the attacks. They are also accused of drugging their parents and trying to burn down the house, according to the report.

Police found that the home’s gas line had been tampered with, the report says. The mother may have saved the couple’s lives by sneaking away to call 911 from the family home while her husband distracted them during the attacks, police said.

Mom told the local news, “Those were not our boys that did that to us. We did not raise them that way. We understand there are consequences for what they did,” she continued, “They understand that, but we’re just praying the world forgives them, in the same way, we forgive them.”

“We forgive our sons, we love them unconditionally,” the father told the television news station. “We have to make sure that they understand that to strengthen themselves.”

Although a motive for the attacks is unclear, one of the suspects allegedly told investigators that he had plotted to murder his parents “since he was 11 years old,” writes the News.

This couple shows unbelievable strength by forgiving their sons for attempted murder on their lives. What are your thoughts? 

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