Parents Charged With Murder For Adding Water To Their Infant’s Breastmilk

Parents Kill Baby With Breastmilk

Parents Charged With Murder For Adding Water To Their Infant’s Breastmilk

Bethany Burrows

As a first-time parent, leaving the safety of the hospital and bringing home your baby for the first time can be terrifying. You might become overwhelmed with a surge of panic when you realize that you are now responsible for the care and keeping of this tiny perfect human.

As a parent, you can’t let this nagging fear get the best of you – you will make a lot of mistakes but that’s just part of being a parent. For every mother or father, their worst nightmare is seeing any harm come to their child. But for this particular couple, the harm caused to their daughter was 100 percent preventable.

After giving birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl, Lauren Fristid made the decision to breastfeed her child. Lauren was worried she wasn’t producing enough milk for her daughter and began to dilute it with water, since she and her partner Herbert Landrell claimed that they couldn’t afford formula at the time. Their 10-week-old daughter, Niveah, quickly lost 20% of her body weight. Tragically, she later died of water intoxication and starvation. 

Lauren Fristid

Although their daughter’s drop in weight would cause any parent great concern, Niveah was never taken to the hospital for treatment. According to Duluth Detective Charles Hamrick, “They don’t believe in going to doctors.” The couple is now on trial for murder and will forever have to live with the knowledge that they are responsible for the death of their child.

Herbert Landrell

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