Keep Yourself Safe In Parking Lots With This Safety Tip

Keep Yourself Safe In Parking Lots With This Safety Tip

Angela Markus

We use it almost every day, but parking lots are a virtual magnet for crime. Parked cars provide the ideal hiding spots for those crouching, stealthy predators to close in on unsuspected individuals going to their car.

Predators typically target people who are distracted and unaware until you’re face-to-face and less able to use your pepper spray or personal alarm noisemaker. Here are some tips on how to keep safe in a parking lot courtesy of Pretty Loaded.

It can happen to any of us one of us, while walking to our cars, distracted by the phones, we become unaware of our surroundings. That is until someone kidnaps us and we are in the back of a trunk screaming for our lives. Pretty Loaded suggests being very observant of the surrounds around us before going in our cars. Ensure to be mindful of any strangers that are idly lurking around.

According to the safety video, there are certain rules we should follow to help keep ourselves safe. While walking to your car, walk fast and with a purpose. Be sure to walk with confidence with your head up and stare anyone making you feel uncomfortable. Be sure to have your keys ready before your leave the store or building, and have your dominant hand free of anything.

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