Parrot Cries Like Young Child When Asked To Say ‘Hello’

Parrot Cries Like Young Child When Asked To Say ‘Hello’

Angela Markus

If you were only to listen and not watch the following clip, I would guarantee you will mistake the audio for a precious newborn crying in need of assistance from a parent. However, when you open your eyes, you will be amused to see, it is not a child, but a parrot.

At first he makes sounds that are indescribable, then he jumps into to his impersonation. You have got to agree that it is pretty hilarious to see the noise coming from such a cute bird. His vocal impersonations are surreal; it really sounds like a baby. The woman is trying to befriend the talented bird, but he may not be having it, or he may just be showing off. 

Although you might need to watch several times to really believe what you are seeing, it is not uncommon for these birds to mimic several human sounds. According to Michael Schindlinger, an assistant professor of biology at Lesley University, parrots are likely to imitate human sounds to get the attention of a potential listener. It can imitate a human’s sound or speech, for example, by making sounds that the human could be familiar with — like laughing or crying.

While more research has to be done, Schindlinger says, it’s still pretty exciting to watch these birds sound just like us. I agree, don’t you?

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