JumbleJoy Humor Is Back With This Hilarious Joke!

Parrot Joke

JumbleJoy Humor Is Back With This Hilarious Joke!

Ashley Rego

Bringing you laughter and joy through every crazy, stressful, pull-my-hair-out kind of day is our goal here at JumbleJoy.

Wether it’s through a heartfelt inspirational story, an entertaining moment captured in time, or a knee-slapping pun that encourages a giggle – we want to be your go-to destination for a smile!

If you laughed your way through our first edition of JumbleJoy Humor, then you’re in luck! We’re back at it with our second issue, guaranteed to make you LOL.

Don’t worry, our lovable parrot jokesters are featured again in this silly tale! Titled, “Moses The Bird,” just you wait till you hear what this frisky parrot has got hidden up his sleeve this time around!


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