Cute Parrot Demands Tickles and It’s The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day!

Cute Parrot Demands Tickles and It’s The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day!

Angela Markus

We all know how lovely pet birds can be. They can mimic speech, swear, dance, and even sing. But have you ever seen a pet parrot demand tickles? The yellow Indian Ringneck in this video does just that.

You will roll over with laughter again and again when you are introduced to Bowie; the pet parrot that chuckles and demands more and more tickles from its owner. “Tickles Tickles!” the parrot exclaims when the owner halts on the tickling. How cute!

Parrots are interesting birds. They can scream very loudly, sometimes making repetitive noises for long periods of time. They are intelligent as they are cute. Parrots can respond to the call of its owner in a forest. Some people often teach their parrots to scream which can be used as an alert in the event of danger in the home.

Parrots can also bite, but rarely, sometimes to protect its personal space. These fascinating creatures are species not breeds as well as they require a complex mixture of nutrition. Bird seeds and water are not enough. Parrots need nuts, fruits, grubs, and foliage. Parrots also have very amusing body language. Bowie showcases that in the video.

As Bowie is tickled, he chuckles, and chuckles. The cute dog in the video, PaiMei, looks on in confusion. His eyes say, where are my tickles? What is going on here? The owner has lots of love to share, and offers some of that love to PaiMei. But wait, “Tickles Tickles,” Bowie laughs, as he demands more tickles.

Bowie’s owner wrote on a Peekaboo Parrots YouTube channel that Bowie feels entitled to tickles. From the video, we can clearly see how much he loves tickles and wants more and more.

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