This Passionate Subway Dance Will Fill You With Emotions

This Passionate Subway Dance Will Fill You With Emotions

Jamaica Bravo

Have you ever sat and watched two people dancing? Have you ever found yourself wondering what they are feeling and thinking? It’s something that I always do because I’m beyond fascinated with incredible, passionate dancers, like these two young souls.

This beautiful video shows a wonderful contemporary dance between a male and a female passionately in love. They are dancing on the subway to a moving song that paints a beautiful portrait of someone slipping away from the other person. Their bodies are conveying that they are trying to hold onto someone who just seems to be slipping through their hands.

Not only is there plenty of emotion in their routine, but there is so much emotion on their faces. They both look very sad, very down and very serious. It’s almost as if they’re thinking about the saddest moment in their lives while performing.

This couple possesses beautiful movement with one another. Their lifts were well executed and she’s jumping, climbing and hanging on the male dancer with absolute trust. He didn’t falter or even look like he was going to let her go.

The best part is the ending, with the man walking to the subway and wanting to get on was a very powerful message of loss. It was like no matter how hard she tried to keep him around he still slipped away and got on the subway and out of her life. What a beautiful expression of pain, sadness, love and loss.

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