He Was Spat On at The NYC Pride March. How He Responds is Brilliant

He Was Spat On at The NYC Pride March. How He Responds is Brilliant

Erika Carter

You have without a doubt heard about the decision that has now legalized gay marriage. Father Jonathan Morris from the Sunday show “Fox & Friends” has and recently shared his thoughts on it:

“It is tragic from a social, legal perspective,” he said, as reported by Lift Bump. “Society changes with time, but it doesn’t change truth. It doesn’t change morality.”

Following that discussion he was out walking around in NYC when he stumbled upon the NYC Pride Parade. At the parade he ran into two guys who proceeded to spit on him:

This whole incident has created quite a buzz on Twitter and Facebook, but what’s so remarkable about the situation is how Father Jonathan handled the whole thing. Not only did he say he deserved worst, he also went on to say that they’re good men and meant no harm by it:

This situation has sparked many comments from people everywhere, but this particular Tweet really hit home:

Father Jonathan handled this situation with the utmost compassion, grace and kindness. He is an example for all of us and this last Tweet sums it up perfectly:

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