Patio Floor Drops Into Pool and It’s Cool!

Patio Floor Drops Into Pool and It’s Cool!

Jamaica Bravo

Do you ever fantasize about having both a patio and a pool in your backyard? What would you say if I told you that you could have the best of both worlds? The company Agor has created such a product and is making families everywhere thrilled! They build you a patio and a pool in one!

The patio floor that lays on top of the pool, drops down into the pool. It goes under smoothly with no ripples or splashing. As the floor goes down further and further the water level rises. A piece of the floor gets folded into crisp clean edges and they make the steps. The patio floor goes down into the pool to give you a full size pool. With another flip of the switch, the floor starts to rise back up. It cuts through the water again without making a splash or a ripple. The floor goes up and down and you don’t have a huge mess on your lawn! As the floor goes up the water depth gets less and less. The floor gets closer to the top and the water sinks back down into the floor and under it.

The patio floor then goes flat and locks back into place. You can have a nice patio party with your friends and they’ll never know what’s beneath them! You can put furniture on top of the patio wood panel floor with the security that it’ll stay safe from damage. Can you imagine how nice it would be to have a built in cover for your pool? No more scooping out bugs or leaves that have fallen from trees. You can just leave it covered until you’re ready to use it again.

The Agor company says its as fun to watch the pool fill up as it is to swim in it. They credit God for inventing the human brain. God has given us a brain that can think, and make ideas that we can exchange with other people and make good things for the better of the world. After watching this, I wouldn’t dare beg to differ. This is awesome!

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