How To Make A PB&J Milkshake!

Disney PBJ Milkshake

How To Make A PB&J Milkshake!

Ashley Rego

If you’ve ever been to the 50’s Primetime Cafe in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, chances are you’ve tried their infamous PB&J milkshake!

The vintage wonderland is home to some of the most delicious homestyle dishes, but nothing beats the restaurant’s sinfully sweet and creamy milkshake concoctions. To no surprise, the most popular of these sugary drinks is the peanut butter and jelly version, with it’s perfect combination of sweet and salty.  

Thanks to a little help from YouTuber Let’s Eat Fiction, you don’t have to travel all the way to Hollywood Studios to indulge in this tasty treat!

With just a few simple ingredients thrown into your blender, you can pour the insanely delicious beverage into your favorite glass, and enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Top it off with a spiral of whipped cream and a vibrant maraschino cherry and you’ve got yourself the legendary PB&J milkshake! 

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