Make a Gold Pencil Holder Using Recycled Material!

Make a Gold Pencil Holder Using Recycled Material!

Sophia Gioiello

Mix-matched buttons scattered in a Tupperware box, scraps of flower-patterned fabric covering your floor and felt markers at all corners of the room. If this depiction sounds familiar, you know how messy crafting can be!

The creative genius and loving care that goes into each do-it-yourself project ends with a tornado-like mess that storms through your craft room.

Our favorite crafty find of the day comes from blogger View From The Fridge, and it doesn’t get cuter (and easier!) than this. Anthropologie is known for their Pinterest-inspired home decor, but these shabby chic items come at price that would make any frugal crafter cringe.

The newest project from our blogger friend shows you how to recreate an Anthropologie pencil holder, for just $3. Sure the metallic gold pencil holder from the boho-inspired store would be the perfect touch to your craft or sewing room, but for $48? No thank you!


You could most likely make her $3 version with extra items around the house or from your local thrift stores for a fraction of the price.


She scoured her home to find random cylinder containers and resorted to an old tea canister and a shot glass! Sand down a scrap piece of wood you have laying around for the base of your pencil holder.

Once you get pristine placement of each cylinder container, use Liquid Nails to glue them down. Make sure to let it dry for a full 24 hours.


After the glue has completely dried, spray with several coats of gold spray paint. You could even use a shimmering silver or sparkling rose gold!


Yep, that’s it! It doesn’t get much easier than this. Once the paint has dried, fill up the containers with all the markers, scissors and pens you need for your crafting projects.


Check back for more do-it-yourself projects!

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