Pet Iguana Comes When He’s Called

Pet Iguana

Pet Iguana Comes When He’s Called

Erika Carter

Would you like to have a pet that happily comes and greets you when you call its name, but you’re afraid of dogs? Well, that’s no longer a problem. Lizards can do this too!

In this video we’re introduced to Buddy, a Cayman Brac Iguana, which is a rock iguana from the islands around Cuba.

When his owner arrives home from work, he calls out to him from across the garden. We then watch as Buddy excitably bounds over to his owner as the two are reunited.

This actually proves what scientists have said for quite some time now, that iguanas have complex social lives and signals.

When the owner of this iguana is asked why he created this video, he replied that he wanted to show people that lizards can learn their names and that they will come when called. The owner is a successful breeder of many lizards such as Buddy. However, Buddy has proven that he’s quite an online sensation.

Who knows? Maybe lizards are man’s new best friend!

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