Pizza Delivery Man Delivers Pizza To a Church and Receives a $700 Tip

Pizza Delivery Man Delivers Pizza To a Church and Receives a $700 Tip

Angela Markus

Being a pizza delivery person can have its ups and downs. Delivering in all types of weather, or dealing with an array of customer types; the task can be daunting. But in Ohio, a church decided to do something a little extraordinary for their pizza delivery guy this holiday season. The action was so impactful, he was in tears. He immediately made a video about the experience.

The church’s random act of kindness snowballed into something huge. One, the pizza delivery guy never saw coming, but it was a life changer. Twenty-two-year-old Jeff Louis was called in early one Sunday to deliver pizzas to the congregation of Life Point Church.

The pastor of the church, Ken Wright thought to tip him really well. In an interview he said, “Yeah, I just thought, ‘Let’s tip him $100. It’s the holiday season,’” Wright said. What came next led Louis to upload an emotional message to YouTube. He said, “You know, the most amazing thing happened. This whole church came up and gave me over $700 for a tip!” The minister said that the congregation just got involved. “They started lining up one by one with their own cash tips.”

According to the Louis, he had been down on his luck as of late. He is battling an addiction trying to get his life back on track. In his testimony, Louis displayed raw emotion; the one where real-life struggle meets overwhelming gratitude. Louis wipes away tears when he says, “It really truly amazes me that people who don’t even know me just wanted to help me out that much.”

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