Love Pizza? Love Waffles? Combine the Two to Make Delicious Pizza Waffles!

Love Pizza? Love Waffles? Combine the Two to Make Delicious Pizza Waffles!

Angela Markus

Pizza is surely one of the most popular foods in this country. With chains like Pizza Hut and Papa John’s dominating a massive chunk of the fast food market and gourmet restaurants simultaneously touting their artisan pizzas, it is loved by most.

But when combined with waffles, a breakfast favorite, your love for this tasty food will ascend to a whole other level.

The fantastic people at Pillsbury are at it again with a brilliant, imaginative fusion of both pizza and waffles to create pizza waffles. What is even more delightful is that this delicious creation is very easy to make, and the taste is to die for.

To try this piece of heaven, you will need 1 can of Pillsbury Grands ready-to-bake rolls, 8 slices of mozzarella cheese (one slice per roll), 2 cups of marinara sauce, and 1/3 cup of mini pepperoni, or toppings of your choice.

You will also need a waffle iron that you should preheat and grease. First, separate the biscuits and cut a deep slit into the side of each.




Next, load each cut with the cheese and toppings. Then place each biscuit into the center of the waffle iron, press and let the magic happen. You are going to want to cook for about three minutes, or until golden brown. That simple!



You can serve with a sauce for dipping. You can also serve these tasty bites any time of the day and may experiment with all kinds of toppings besides pepperoni. However, it is important to remember that watery toppings like vegetables can make the snack soggy.



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