Place Car Keys By Bed Incase of a Home Invasion

Place Car Keys By Bed Incase of a Home Invasion

Angela Markus

There are many things we can do to protect ourselves against a home invasion and a carjacking. But who would have thought that your car keys could be one of the best ways to ward off potential intruders. Starting in the 1990s cars came equipped with remote entry system transmitters used to lock or unlock cars.

The key chains also come with a red emergency (panic button) alarm that will sound your car’s horn to help you locate it.

But far more important is the safety feature that you never knew you had. Bryan Silva posted a warning to his Facebook page alerting many to the lifesaver that the key alarm could be. He thought the message was so pertinent and relevant that he urged everybody to share it with everybody.



The tip came from a neighborhood watch coordinator who urges everyone to keep their keys close to their beds at night time.

In the event that a home intruder decides to break in, pressing the red alert button will send off the alarm alert neighbors and the thief. I am not sure that any thief will like the limelight of getting caught.

Two burglars entering home

The panic button will work well during a heart attack or a criminal attack as well. Most predators fear noise, witnesses, rescuers, and the police. I never knew that my car keys could be security alarm system.

Car alarm, maintain your car security on the level.

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