Upcycle Your Thrift Store Finds With This Simple DIY

Planter Upcycle

Upcycle Your Thrift Store Finds With This Simple DIY

Erika Carter

Do you love thrift store shopping but never know what to do with all those remarkable things you find?

HGTV.com stylist, Marianne, gives a tutorial for the cutest DIY for thrift store finds!

Her tutorial is easy to follow even for the beginner crafter!

These DIY planters are a beautiful addition to any home.

The best part about them is that the can be painted to match the mood or color scheme of any room!

What you’ll need:

– Thrift store cups, jewelry holders, or planter

– White matte paint

– Gold Sharpie paint pen

– Sponge brush

First, make sure that your vessels are clean and dry. Marianne suggests using matte white paint because it gives the pottery more of a porcelain finish and makes the gold pop! You’ll need to paint anywhere from one to three coats to cover all the designs on your cup. Be sure to let each coat dry before applying the next. You can also paint the inside of the cup if you choose!

Once the white paint has dried completely, you’re going to add the gold accents. There are many different options here! You can be playful and creative and add your own beautiful designs, write an inspiring quote, trace the existing design, or add someone’s name! The choice is yours.

Don’t fret about mistakes! Once the paint is dry, a simple touch up is all that is necessary to fix these issues. After you have added your designs, let the paint dry and you have a beautiful new planter!

To allow for good drainage, lay rocks and sand on the bottom. The little planters are perfect for succulents and cacti!

 This same technique can also be used to make jewelry bowls or cups. SHARE the love and pass it on!